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This popular classic strain was originally developed in the United States to cross the pure indica genetics of an Afghani strain with the durable genes of Skunk plants. Afghan Skunk quickly spread to Amsterdam and beyond and is now considered one of the “classics.” Its resilient Skunk genes make this plant a popular recommendation for new growers, and its legendary high yields make it a favorite all around. Flowering happens around 8 weeks and the buds will have a menthol smell combined with the “sweet stink” skunks are known for. Tests have shown THC levels of about 17%, so the stink isn’t the only thing that’s potent about Afghan Skunk.

Clones will be shipped/delivered in trays with moist perlite and rooted in 1″ peat pellets.

***Please Note*** when ordering clones, add a note to your order when checking out, as to when you would like delivery.
A minimum of 3 weeks is required but if you send us a message we can check for availability of current stock.

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