Ice Wreck


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  • With a searing cerebral high and deep physical body stone. Wreck’s flowers give off a fresh, woodsy pine scent, with dank earthy notes. Ice Wreck also brings a buzzy energy that’s great for mundane afternoon chores. A great way to enhance activities that involve both brain and body, like exercise, video games, and sex.By combining two high-potency strains, Ice and Trainwreck,  creating a real knockout of a hybrid that has tested at over 27% THC! Icewreck blends the cerebral high of a Sativa with the deep body stone of an Indica into one great package. You can really feel the mind-bending effects of the sativa bred into it’s lineage. Coupled with the heavy Indica buzz in Ice, this weed will impress even the biggest pot heads you know!

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14g, 28g


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